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Surplus Forex is committed to walk clients through their forex journey via publishing invaluable information continuously e.g. Daily Trades, mentorship programs, videos & articles, live webinars, etc. Thus providing them with knowledge, tools and techniques for successful trading experience.


Learn all what you need to continously find and materialize new opportunities; construct profitable trade setups on real market trade scenarios. Learn strategies for practical use as opposed to theoretical available information elsewhere.


Creating Value & Wealth. Instead of just examples from past real trade scenarios rather put the education to practice of generating wealth with SFx support.


Meet unprecedented growth to your portfolio via SFx Alternative Investments.

According to Oxford Living Dictionaries - "Value" means "the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something".


What you learn here at SFx shall present VALUE.

SFx has striven to provide all the information as transparent & valuable as possible.

So keeping in line with this principle, SFx presents education exactly creating value of its appropriate use in forex trading.

You better book mark this page because you will be coming back to various sections for reference.

Be Profitable as Beginner Trader

If you believe that you already know these terms and their context behind the application during real life forex trading then attempt all the quizzes to make sure you have strong foundation.

You have to understand how the Forex Market works & what works in the market.

If you are committed for success SFx is with you. If have been burnt in the past, put it behind you, SFx will walk you through to success.

Get the learning, JUST what you need &develop the mind-set that is the key. Develop the mindset&follow the strategies with discipline and commitment.


Multiply Profits as Advanced Trader

So you have finally conquered the basics of forex trading. Now with that said you are already profitable and now you are ready to move to next step. When I say profitable that really means you are profitable else please don't move ahead to next phase of SurplusForex education.

Spend more time on foundation to ensureyou are profitablefollowing the strategies provided.

Next Step, you want to ensure that you continuously able to find and materialize new opportunities & maintain higher probability to construct profitable trade set-ups. Then let’s move on to next step of Education for Advanced Traders.


Strategies for Beginner Traders

So you have finally conquered the basics of forex trading.& you have succefully completed all quizes with 100% success.Now its time to learn strategies exactly applicable to these fundamentals.To be successful apply these strategies with following 4 Rules--

  • Learn all the strategies provided in the next program and pick only 2 or max 3 strategies that suits your schedule, personality & risktaking appetitie(money mangement)
  • Apply these on Demo account for 4 weeks
  • Daily keep track of your trades on excel file; re-learn the fundamentals and strategies to correct your mistakes.
  • Must start trading with real money in 5th week & be profitable.

Strategies for Advanced Traders

So you have finally conquered the basics of forex trading. & you have successfully completed all quizzes with 100% success. Now,it’s time to learn strategies exactly applicable to real world scenarios.

Only startegies worth usuful in current currencies market is detailed for you.
Trade like a Pro…

  • I am sure you understand the meaning of applied e.g. applied sciences, applied mathematics, and applied… According to Oxford Living Dictionaries "to put to practical use as opposed to being theoretical…
  • In this section of "Strategies for Advanced Traders" we have explained what, where, when, how & why to put each strategy to practical use as opposed to theoretical available information elsewhere.
  • In this section, intent is your cognitive development to be an accomplished trader on both fronts - fundamental as well as technical.

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Before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.


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